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State Enterprise "Research Institute "Elastic "

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State Enterprise "Research Institute" Elastic "is more than 40 years from a small Kiev branch of the Moscow Research Institute of rubber and latex products has become a multi-disciplinary research center, which is now working to address the most powerful and relevant scientific, industrial and environmental problems of chemical industry.

The Institute is the leading organization in Ukraine on:

Scientific and technical support of the development and production of natural, silicone, and other synthetic rubber, reclaimed, rubber, gas-filled materials, adhesives, mastics, sealants, rubberized fabrics, conveyor belts, footwear, isothermal clothing and diving equipment, coatings for railway and tram journeys, sport facilities, floors and roofs of buildings, molded and non-molded products for medical, sanitary, hygienic, technical, sports and household supplies, and other characteristics of rubber, latex, rubberized fabrics, the gas-filled and asbestos materials;

inventory of emissions, sanitary-chemical, toxicological, physical and mechanical testing, Works on standardization and certification of the above products;

mechanization of production processes, equipment modernization, the development of continuous production line in the rubber industry;

project development and design estimates chlorine, chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical facilities, the production of plant protection chemicals; the inspection of state enterprises and facilities, certification of buildings and structures, the coordination, the examination and approval of project documentation.

Main activities:

Development of medical and asbestos-rubber products;

Development of silicone polymers, including silicone rubber, rubber and articles thereof;

The development of the gas-filled materials, heat protective clothing and rescue equipment for work on and under the water. Suits, suits fisherman and hunter;

Designing chlorine production facilities and objects of plant protection products.

Just developing directions of activities of the Institute are:

Rubber compounds oil-resistant, vacuum, electrical, food and medical supplies.

The siloxane rubber and articles thereof shaped and not shaped.

Adhesives, compounds, sealants.

The gas-filled composite material.

Sealers solid and gas-filled.

Vacuum tubes, solid, porous and rubber plates, tubes, elastic different density and diameter coverage for stadiums, gyms, rubber mats.

Medical products, sanitary-hygienic, technical, sports, household purposes, of latexes, rubbers, plastics urinals, rubber tubing and silicone molds, silicone compositions for the production of cold-cure flexible forms.



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