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Attention! Everyone who is interested siloxane rubber!

 Anyone who is interested siloxane rubber, will be informative and interesting.
State Enterprise "Research Institute" Elastic "published a book" The siloxane rubber and their properties. " The publisher of the book was attended by prominent scientists Miller LA Podnebesny AP Saveliev and N., who have extensive experience in the field of rubber technology. This book tells the story of a siloxane rubber, it presents a number of scientific publications. Order the book can be anyone, it is delivered by mail to the company or an individual house. The authors attempted to present the book to compile and organize a large number of scientific and experimental data, which plays an important role in practice in the production of siloxane rubbers. The information presented in the book, obtained in recent years. It reveals the key problems in the processing of siloxane rubber and they are considered as one physical and himicheskayapozitsiya. The book provides detailed information:
- On receipt of the laws of rubbers with a variety of substitutes and their influence on the properties;
- The behavior of rubber and rubber, if there is a high temperature;
- Showing ingredients and mechanisms that provide structuring rubber Aerosil and Aerosil nature surface active sites;
 - The effect of the modification on the properties;
- On aspects of radiation curing;
- We present the basics, which are used in the production of porous vulcanizing;
- You can get acquainted with the scope and the basic processes of recycling rubber.
The book consists of three hundred and twenty pages. It has tables, figures and references.

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"The work we have this ..." - a book that introduces the reader to the stages of development and scientific achievements of the collective scientific research institute "Elastik", he tells the story of scientists, engineers and other employees who have made the most significant contribution to the development of the industry for the processing of polymers. The publication is illustrated with photographs that reflect the most important moments of the history of the institute, social and cultural events.

For a wide range of readers.

Editorial board: Podnebesny Andrei Petrovich, Lyudmila Melnik, Savelyev Nina.

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